Does A Gratitude Journal Increase Wellbeing? My 2 Month Experiment

Can keeping a gratitude journal really lead to greater happiness? Scientific research claims that amongst other things, writing down what we’re grateful for really can make us feel happier, so I took part in a 2 month experiment to find out for myself.

My 2 Month Gratitude Journal Experiment

A scientific study by Professor Bruce Hood at Bristol University found that keeping a gratitude journal was one of the things that contributed to greater happiness.

After the turmoil of lockdown and what has been a tough year for us all, I decided to start keeping my own written gratitude journal. Rather than just thinking about what I’m grateful for, could writing those things down strengthen the feeling of gratitude and make me feel happier?

I looked at apps, considered a notebook, but finally decided that it made more sense to keep the journal here on my blog, I mean isn’t that exactly what blogs were originally intended as being, an online journal?

Week 1

27th September

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