Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX Walking Shoes Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight walking shoe with distinctive looks that deliver on performance, read on for my full review of the Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX.

Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX

What is it?

Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX £99.90

Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)



  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane
  • Elastic and cushioning midsole
  • Resistant to heat and cold
  • Metal free and extremely light

What we thought

When they arrived I was a little surprised by the rather loud colourway, a bright electric blue colour, but as someone who likes to stand out I actually quite liked the bold styling.

Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX

The Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX walking shoes look more like trainers and when worn, they are certainly exceptionally light definitely feel very trainer-like on the foot.

They looked really big when I first got them out of the box, but at a UK size 10.5, they turned out to be the perfect fit. After spending a couple of months walking in them, I can safely say that there are two things in particular that I really like about them.

They are Gore-Tex and therefore extremely waterproof and I’ve happily stomped through puddles and across muddy fields in the countryside and they’ve held up really well. The other thing I really like is how cushioned and comfortable they feel.

OK I lied, there’s actually a third thing I really like and that’s the cool, quick lacing system. One good tug and they are pulled tight with no need to faff around tying laces up.

Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX
The walking shoes stand up well to mud and rain

There’s never anything more annoying than a new pair of walking boots or shoes that need breaking in, and aren’t comfortable right away, but the Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 shoes are very comfortable.


  • Good overall quality
  • Quick pull lacing system works well
  • Bright and vibrant colour which makes them stand out, but there’s a more subtle olive colour too
  • Casual trainer-style looks
  • Good levels of waterproofing
  • Good stability over wet, muddy ground with excellent grip
  • Nice and light, making them easily packable for travel


  • Lacking in ankle support, so better for casual walks

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