New Robens Gully & Icefall Sleeping Bags Use Innovative Insulation

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Robens award-winning sleeping bags sees the introduction of two game-changing insulation fills that enhance performance so you can fully rest and recharge ready for the next day’s adventure.

The key new insulation fill is MicroThermo Ball that closely mimics down. It comprises lightweight polyester clusters constructed to deliver down-like compression and loft.

Like down, it quickly traps large volumes of air for enhanced insulation and comfort while ensuring a compact packed size. It differs from down by providing efficient moisture management that ensures performance is maintained in damp conditions. It is perfect for those who would benefit from a down sleeping bag but where conditions, ethics, allergies and price tags rule it out.

Thermo Hybrid Down combines the support and efficient moisture management of MicroThermo Ball with down’s low weight, superior compression and excellent loft. It offers an exceptionally soft, high performance insulation for those activities that require lightweight, compact equipment suitable for demanding conditions.

Thermo Hybrid Down and MicroThermo Ball are used in two new sleeping bag ranges.

Robens Gully Sleeping Bags

Four new different fill weights of PFC-free Robens Gully sleeping bags offer all the benefits of down and synthetic fills in a small pack size. Providing home-like comfort, ThermoHybrid Down is used for the upper insulation and MicroThermo Ball at base, foot and head for enhanced insulation and quick-dry properties in areas that might get damp.

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