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Jan 26
Take Your Kids Ice Fishing This Winter

Looking for another way to get your kids outdoors this winter? Bundle them up and head…

Jan 22
5 Tips For A Successful Fish Fry

This winter we spent a weekend with Women On Ice on Lake of the Woods in northern…

Jan 20
Gear of The Trip: Lake Superior Hiking Trail

Breathtaking views, wolves howling, rushing rivers, deep gorges, waterfalls, flushing…

Dec 17
Gear Of The Year 2020

Gear Of The Year 2020 is here! We took a hard look at all of the gear we saw this year…

Dec 10
The Fire And Ice Sweepstakes

The post The Fire And Ice Sweepstakes appeared first on 50 Campfires. Source link

Dec 03
2020 Holiday Gift Guide – 50 Campfires

“She has every outdoor gadget there is! What am I supposed to get her this year?”“He…

Dec 01
7 Bear Safety Tips You Need To Know

If you spend any time hiking in bear country, you need to know how to handle a…

Oct 23
Featuring Captain Ed, DOA Lures

In this episode of Avid Outdoorsman Product Showcase, we interview Captain Ed from DOA…

Oct 23
QuickSurvive Fire Starters: Review – 50 Campfires

One of the things I’ve learned over the years when it comes to starting fires is that…

Oct 23
GCI Outdoor MaxRelax Pod Rocker: Review

We’ve been a fan of GCI Outdoor for several years now, and it’s always fun…