Pros and Cons of Multi-Tools

One of my favorite things to get as a gift is a multi-tool by which I can take out and use on my next camping trip. While these little camping tools are wonderful, there are pros and cons to the idea of one tool containing many parts (tools) since there are only a few like Scamp Trailers manufactures small campers that are light weight and easily towed making it a tool with no cons. Below are the pros and cons of utilizing multi-tools on your next camping trip.



Ok, to start off the first pro of carrying a multi-tool is the fact that it takes very little space but at the same time serves many purposes. Find Camping gear guides and reviews at, As an example, this generic multi-tool has a knife that has a ruler on it along with a bottle top puller. On the other side of the carrying case, it has a magnesium and flint fire starter. The cord not only provides a means of carrying this tool, it can also be uncoiled and used as a rope. The orange color of this rope also provides a level of safety, even though it is very small but could be seen on a rock or clearing.

While the description of the uses above are just one example of what a multi-tool can provide the just is the fact that you can get a big bang from a small package as the multi-tool blades allows you with the varied blade sizes it has. Yes, this is very important but there does come a time when the compactness of the tool needs to be compared to its true usefulness.


The cons of a multi-tool are several. First, many multi-tools are very compact and sometimes the small size really makes the tools or some of the tools useless. I see this many times with knives. There are so many tools on a knife that to get it all in the tools themselves are very small. As an example of my point is the screwdriver that many multi-tool knives have. Yes, I love the fact that I have a screwdriver right there and I do not have to go look for one but the small size can be a challenge to use and get out of the handle. Multi-tools tend to be a bit cheapercompared to other tools when you consider the number of uses you can get from it. You can get a reliable one from for a couple of bucks and it will last several years.

The other con comes from the fact that some multi-tools are designed so that if one tool breaks the multi-tool itself is useless.  In my above example, if the knife breaks it can be replaces with some sort of cutting tool in the holder and the same goes for the magnesium/flint tool but this is not always the case when you purchase a multi-tool. Love camping? This Luxury camping in Mudgee is the coolest one I’ve ever seen.

In just, before buying a multi-tool check out its functionality compared to its size.It’s important to have a knife or two in case of an emergency, get one on the best online knife store. Also, as in many other industries when it come to multi-functional equipment, make sure that you can either still use the tool if part of it is broke or you can replace lost or broken tools to make it completely functional again.

Autumn is around the corner and with it comes the annual leaf fall. For many people this is a favourite time, the changing colours and dropping leaves indicate a slowing down in the year and a time to enjoy the changing seasons. However, for others, in particular gardeners and owners of large properties with many trees, the autumn leaf fall can be something close to a nightmare with constant drain blockages and gutters packed full of sodden mulch. Patios and garages seem to ‘grow’ leaves and pathways become slippery and treacherous after heavy rainfall. Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of one of the most useful outdoor cleaning tools, the garden leaf blower.

For many years the humble leaf blower has come to the rescue of gardeners and property owners, saving many hours of backbreaking work stuck behind a lawn rake and wheelbarrow. There is a huge choice on the market nowadays with the prices varying greatly. However, you do get what you pay for; some of the cheap petrol leaf blowers available can vibrate so much during a short period of use that they leave you feeling quite numb! If you are toying with the idea of purchasing a garden blower to lighten your workload, you may visit to consider a few options before going ahead.

Firstly it will be wise to look at the size of your garden and consider how much leaf clearance you are likely to undertake. If your property is only small and you have relatively few leafy plants in your garden, a wise move will be to purchase an electric leaf blower. Assuming that you have a mains power supply nearby, an electric blower will be extremely easy to operate without the need to worry about messy fuel mixtures. Some of the best electric blowers are not necessarily the most expensive on the market with several well-known brands manufacturing some perfectly acceptable machines.

Another option to consider when purchasing a garden blower is the vacuum function that many manufacturers now offer, often as a standard feature. Turning your leaf blower into a blower vacuum will not only provide you with 2 machines in 1, it will also half your workload, allowing you to suck up piles of garden leaves in no time at all! If you decide to buy an electric blower, you will probably find that it already has a vacuum function built-in. Most of these electric machines are referred to as electric blower vacs, or a term very similar to this, and will have a very simple mode of switching from blower to vacuum, usually by means of a conveniently placed lever.

If you have a large property, a garden with many trees and shrubs or do not have a mains power supply close to hand, a cordless leaf blower will be your best option. Only consider a petrol blower if you are taking the cordless option as the battery-powered machines are not capable of producing sufficient power for serious leaf clearance. Petrol hand-held leaf blowers are capable of producing extremely forceful streams of air, with the most powerful leaf blowers producing air speeds of up to 200mph! With this much force at your fingertips, large areas of leaves can be cleared in good time, leaving you free to get on with other more important tasks.

Petrol leaf blowers often have a vacuum kit either supplied as standard or available as an optional extra. As with electric leaf blower vacuums, sucking up large amounts of leaves can be accomplished in a short space of time. Nowadays another advantage found in the vast majority of blower vacs is the mulching capability offered by means of small metal blades housed inside the impellor unit of the blower. The mulching or shredding function reduces the volume of collected leaves, sometimes by a ratio of as much as 16: 1, thereby lessening the number of times you will need to empty the collection bag. Once these leaves have been collected and deposited into a dark corner of your garden, excellent compost is sure to result the following year!

Whether you choose to purchase a petrol or electric leaf blower, try to compare several leaf blowers of a similar type to ensure that you get the features that are important for your needs. Check the specification tables that many manufacturers provide and pay particular attention to the vibration and noise levels of each machine. Electric machines are often best in built-up areas due to their lower noise and pollutant characteristics. Also bear in mind that you may want to share the use of your leaf blower with a spouse or neighbour who may have different physical attributes to yourself, so take their needs into account as well. Lastly, it is always best to choose a machine that you feel may be slightly overpowered for your needs; there’s nothing worse than getting out into the garden to find that your new leaf blower has you feeling as though you wished you were still using a rake and wheelbarrow!

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