Putting Female Fit Packs First Since 1994

Osprey - Putting Female Fit Packs First Since 1994

The innovation of comfort and performance should never be met with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It’s for this reason that Osprey has been expanding the women’s specific pack range since 1994, meeting the need for ergonomically designed packs and changing specifications to suit the female form.

For over 27 years Osprey has been focusing on pack features like harness, back system and hip belt in order to provide optimum fit for the female body, offering unparalleled levels of comfort and support.

“Ultimately having a pack that fits well, is so important; especially when you are travelling or wearing it for a long time. It allows you to move more efficiently, which can become a safety issue.

If you were wearing a pack that doesn’t fit you, let’s say the torso is too long, the shoulder straps are digging into you, the weight isn’t sitting comfortably on your hips; you are working harder to move, then you would be if the pack fit you well.” Rosie Mansfield, Product Line Manager Osprey Packs.

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